How Endo & I met: Part II

At 17 years old my mother told me I would no longer be eligible for Medicaid and that I would lose my OBGYN. I didn’t know if I should be more upset that my awesome doctor would no longer be mine. Or if I was more upset that the pain would soon return. I remember realizing that my last pack of birth control was near its sugar pills and that my cycle was near. I remembered my OBGYN telling me that after the BC was no longer in my system my symptoms and pain would return.

First cycle without BC came and went and no pain. Second cycle comes and still no pain. Then wham 3rd cycle comes and Its awful! The great thing about that third cycle was that I worked a double shift from 5pm-10pm and from 10pm-7am. I was stuck at work in the worst pain I had felt in nearly 5 years. Thankfully I came prepared with Vicodin and tampons. However I wasn’t mentally prepared for the amount of pain and fatigue I would be experiencing. Sharp shooting pains like knives in my vagina and rectum.  On top of my job being a fast food chain where it felt like H-E-L-L! There I am waking up in the hospital because I passed out.

At the hospital my ER doctor informs me that there is basically nothing they can do for me without insurance. They gave me IV fluids, pain meds and something for the nausea. The next morning I spent about 3 hours contacting clinic after clinic. NOTHING I could afford without insurance. I spoke a OBGYN at a local Planned Parenthood and she recommended BC but she told me that it would only postpone the damage of Endo. I decided instead of masking the effects I wanted to treat them. Well that didnt happen for a while.

I went through each monthly cycle for a year. Using pain killers, heating pads, hot baths and yoga. It worked for the most part except I could fee the Endo getting worse because each cycle my pain continued to increase. At 18 years old I joined the Marine corps. Yep I know I know….at 105 pounds and 5’3″ I..ME..SHE joined the Marines? Basic training came and I got the best cycles ever with  no medicine. I don’t know if it was the stress, exercise or diet of no sugar and high fiber that did it but I was extremely thankful!

3 moths later I am back home because of a lovely thyroid nodule(we will discuss this later) my OBGYN found during a exam. Turns out thyroid nodules aren’t allowed in the Marines. Once I am home I notice my cycles took a bit longer to return to the once excruciating episodes. But when they did the came back to kick my butt. I started experiencing a pulling and ripping sensation in my lower left side. It felt as if a little devil  was running around in my lady bits causing havoc to its liking. I couldn’t take it and back to the ER I went. Same ole same ole…still nothing other than pain killers and IV fluids.

This continued right up until now that I am 24 years old. I now have insurance through my county hospital Grady because I am unemployed for nearly 2 years. If anyone is familiar with Grady you will know it’s hell to get an appointment. If its a specialty like a OBGYN or Endocrinology you have to get a referral from your Primary Care doctor. So in December of 2012 I called for an appointment to see my primary care doc…..March 23, 2013 is the date I got. Who has to wait 3 months to see a primary care doc? Then I would have to wait another 2-3 weeks for my OBGYN appointment IF they give me the referral. What???

That just wasn’t going to work for me so everyday I called the OBGYN asking for any chance to see a doctor without a referral. FINALLY a few days later a nurse tells me the Nurse Practitioner is new and could use experience with a Endo patient. Okay great.

So, yep I got in to see someone at the OBGYN clinic without having to wait 4 more months. That’s where my journey starts. I am excited to start posting about the actual answers I received after that first appointment.

Ladies PLEASE make sure you never take a no without pushing forward. Take control of your own medical journey. ❤



This Endo Girl


2 thoughts on “How Endo & I met: Part II

  1. Hi, my name is Catherine. I’ve had endo since I was like 13 or 14, though it wasn’t diagnosed until last year, since I’m 31 that’s way too long to go without a real diagnosis. Like you I lived on birth control pills because my doc told me that was the only way to get relief from the pain, irregularity, mood swings, and what my family lovingly referred to as “bitchiness”. Unfortunately, all those years of being on the pill have done some serious damage to my body and left me battling some pretty serious infertility. I’ve finally gotten some relief from NaProTechnology and my hope for conceiving has improved as well. I’m mentioning this because I thought I’d tell you that you don’t need to be on the pill to get relief. My doc recommended a surgery to excise the endo. Because I saw a NaPro surgeon, my endo won’t grow back. I swear the guy is Luke Skywalker—eh actually zaps the adhesions with a laser and vaporizes them. Told you he was Luke Skywalker. Any way, if you are interested in NaPro, you can find some info about it on my blog. The bottom line is that it is way healthier for you than living life on the pill. I wish you lots of luck with your treatment!
    Love, Catherine

    • Thank you so much for your comment and support Catherine! I am currently on depo provera and I am only doing one shot-3 months. I am so sorry to hear of the trouble with fertility you are having from the long term use of BC. It has been nearly 9 years since my last BC stent. I think I am done after this. I will pursue natural hormone therapy next. I wish you all the best on your conceiving journey!

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