Welcome to This Endo Girl!

Hi world. My name is Shekeita but my Endo friends call me LaLa…its short for my middle name Latrice. I am 24 years old & I currently live in Atlanta, GA where I was born & raised. I have a wonderful partner, Christina that I love & adore. We have a fur baby Izzy that we raise together. I am one of the lucky ones to have a partner that understands how much Endo-Endometriosis can affect my life. However that doesn’t always make life with Endo any easier.

I am excited to use this blog as a way to express my happiness, sadness or any other thing I am feeling daily. I also hope to reach other Endo Girls out there that may not have anyone to talk to. I am praying that this blog becomes a safe place to ask questions or find helpful information.

Each week I will be keeping this blog updated with my medical journey with Endo. As well as my medical journey with thyroid nodules. I am going to be posting about feminine care products that help to minimize Endo pain. I may also post diet & exercise regimens that I am trying & I feel are useful. I am even thinking of posting about how Endo affects relationships whether it be with your partner, boyfriend, or husband.

If you have any questions or suggestions for blog posts feel free to leave a comment. Please email me at lala.life.with.endo@gmail.com if you have any further questions.


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