April 15, 2013: New OBGYN visit & Disappointment

On April 15, 2013 I finally got into my local clinic to see a Nurse Practitioner. I was told that she didn’t know a lot about Endometriosis and that I would be a learning experience for her. At that point I was desperate for some answers and I really could care less. I didn’t really think about her being a NP and not a MD. I figured some doctors I had seen didn’t know as much as some NPs I had seen. No real thought process went into her being un-experienced I just need to see someone.

My appointment was at 3pm on a Monday. I remember stopping to get some tacos before hand with my partner. I sat at the table under a umbrella near a beautiful fountain…not being able to eat or enjoy the view. I just could not stop thinking that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted so bad…answers! All I could think of was leaving the appointment in a near 25 mins with nothing but maybe its in your head? Maybe you should try birth control? Have you thought about diet and nutrition to help? That’s all that ran through my mind.

When it came time to walk over to my appointment I dreaded it. I held my partner’s hand and she assured me it would be okay. Soon after I calmed down. There I sat in the waiting room for my appointment. Sitting there I noticed the television was on CNN. There it was…The Boston Marathon Bombing. At that point I remembered how lucky I truly was. Here I am worrying about a doctor not giving me answers and these innocent people have just been attacked for no reason. Sitting there alive, well except for some pain and a long wait time. But I am well.

My amazing partner Christina then reminded me that bad things happen all the time and my need for a healthy life isn’t silly. I deserve to live a pain free life where I can walk and spend time doing what I love. I for a split second I forgot that I had been waiting for that moment to see a doctor for nearly 9 years. Instead of feeling guilt I felt blessed to be alive and be able to help myself.

A few moments later the nurse called to me ” Ms. Magitt, you can come back”. I sat my purse with my partner and nearly skipped to her. She took my weight, temperature and my symptoms done. Back in the waiting room I waited until my Nurse Practitioner called for me. Shortly after my NP called for me to come back and I got immediately nervous. In the appointment I went over my strong family history with colon cancer, thyroid nodules and Endo-Like symptoms(before there was a name to diagnose it. She handed me a gown and asked me to undress. Before I knew it I was butt to edge with my cold feet in metal stirrups. She was examining me and I was in awful pain. I was willing to take that pain if it meant knowing for sure what was wrong with me. Soon after my pelvic, PAP and breast exam were done. I was back in my clothes and waiting on her to return.

She returns with this to say- “I think you should get on birth control”. I remember being so annoyed that that’s all she had to say. I replied “Other than BC what are my options? Is surgery possible to confirm I have Endo? Are there other medications”? I got absolutely nothing. She ended up giving me a referral to see a resident to inquire about surgery or a laparoscopy. BUT the kicker here is that I would have to wait another 13 days. Doesn’t sound like much but for someone that has already waited nearly 9 years that’s a long time.

I left that appointment feeling so lost, so down and so angry. Tears rolling down my face from the frustration. The fact that doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners spend years learning about diseases like diabetes but they barely touch the surface of Endometrosis. Why isn’t Endo more widely talked about among health care professional? Especially since nearly 6.3 million women and the girls in the US suffer from it.  But I know I would love to find more people that are knowledgeable in the matter. More than just giving drugs to cover up and mask the disease.

This Endo Girl can hope right?!!!



2 thoughts on “April 15, 2013: New OBGYN visit & Disappointment

  1. Hi Endo Girl,
    It’s Catherine again. I happened to read the line where you ask about options other than BC. First let me congratulate you for having the courage to trust your gut. BC is not an FDA approved treatment for ENDO it only masks the symptoms while the ENDO grows and your cervix ages one year for every 2 you’re on BC. Great info that your doc probably didn’t tell you. I know mine didn’t tell me. You don’t have to treat your endo with BC, there are other ways to get relief and reduce your pain by 90%. I recently had a laporoscopy to remove my endo. I actually took fewer pain meds after surgery than I took before surgery! I’m working on a chapter by chapter review of a book on NaProTechnology. I hope to post about another chapter this weekend.

    • Hey! I did not know that and of course my doctor never told me…go figure. I am waiting to hear back from my surgeon on the cost for my lap surgery. I am uninsured and unemployed so finances are a bit….non existent LOL. I am hoping that the lap will help to reduce my pains as well as save my fertility. I am looking forward to your next posts on NaProTechnology. http://www.thiswendogirl.wordpress.com

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