My Endo Journey begins: 42 days out til surgery!

Today June 30th marks 42 days until surgery! I am almost at 5 1/2 weeks Pre Op! OMG it is really becoming real! I am having surgery in a little over 6 weeks! Okay I am back now!

My niece Leona’s 2nd birthday party was today and we had a blast! She looked like a divine princess in her birthday dress! We ate loads of hamburgers, hot dogs and we sang happy birthday. She opened all her gifts and of course only liked one and ran off to play….Kids!! I played Baseball with my nephews Cayden, Trison & Timothy! Cayden is the youngest of the boys at 3 years old , Triston is 5 and Timothy is 8. None of us truly knew how to play but it was all in good fun. Can I just say how badly I hurt after that but it was worth it.

Oh yea my partner Christina & I FINALLY got all of the Pre/Post surgery supply list done today! We added nausea meds, anti acids and stool softeners to out checked off list. We also picked up all my bowel prep supplies which includes: MiraLAX 14dose, 4 Dulcolax laxative tablets and 1 fleet enema. Yep this is going to be a party!

Christina is planning on setting up the bathroom really nicely in preparation for the night before surgery. I get to watch TV/Netflix from the hallway closet just so I won’t have to go far from the restroom. You never know when you may get the urge to go : ). We are making a comfy bed in the closet as well just in case the prep wakes me up in the middle of the night. Our bedroom is a ways away from our bathroom and we don’t want to chance it LOL. I will stock the hall closet with all my necessary things like gingerale, gatorade, fragrance free wipes and any other things I may need for the bowel prep.

Doesn’t it sound like I am prepping for a fun sleepover or party? I wish it were the case! 🙂 But oh well I will do what I have to do before surgery day!


My Endo Journey begins: 43 days out til surgery!

So today June 29th marks 43 days out til surgery! I am so freaking excited I added a countdown widget to the front of my Android Phone. Yep you read that right…it wasn’t enough that I blog about it day to day but I had to add a widget that counts down to the days/hours/minutes/seconds up until surgery! Call it what you will but it has helped to ease my mind quite a bit!

Any ways so today I woke up in not as much pain but I do still have some discomfort. It is mostly my back pain that hurts the most today. I think it has more to do with my bed needing to be replaced that my Endo or the Estrogen I am on. I do have scoliosis so I am sure that that combined with a hard/bumpy bed isn’t a great idea! Lately I have been extremely tired and falling asleep around 10 pm & waking around 10 am and still feeling tired! I know that it has a lot to do with my body not resting well.

Christina and I are still shopping for a few things for my home recovery post op. Things on our list for home recovery are sheets in a dark color in case I bleed from my incisions. As well as a new bed & pillows!  I have been on Amazon looking at Lucid memory foam beds today & I found an amazing bed. Now I just have to find the cash for it! : ) We have also been talking about getting new bedding and pillows. A friend of mine told me about nomorerack and we found some great 1600 count sheets for under $40…amazing steal! I am hoping to be able to afford to redo our entire room before surgery! If not tax time isn’t too far off and I can always ask for gift cards for Christmas: )

The only bummer about today is that a close friend of mine came into town from North Carolina for a day. The kicker here is that I was too sick to even say yes to going out with her. That is the only thing about Endo & Chronic Pain that really gets to me. The lack of a life that I get to live! It has been more than a year and a half since I have seen a bar or friends. Yes I get to chat with them online but you will never see me in photos with my friends having FUN. I mean what is fun again?!

This is exactly why these next 43 days can not go by any faster!

Bring on a better quality of life!

My Endo Journey begins: 44 days out til surgery!

So today June 28th I am now 44 days out!!! I am so happy to see that the days are passing by faster than I had realized! I am nervous still but I am getting more anxious to get this done and improve my overall quality of life!

I am sitting here bored as heck while Christina is at work! Of course I am in loads of pain from the Estrogen pill I just took 10 mins prior to deciding to blog today! My head has been hurting lately along with these random knee pains. They kinda feel like deep aching pains like someone is hitting my knees with hammers. I started taking blood thinners just in case is blood clotting from the estrogen pills. I do not want to chance getting blood clots prior too surgery!

I have absolutely nada planned today except for catching up on some TV shows that I have missed. I am thinking of getting the rest of my Pre/Post surgery supply items this weekend but I am not sure yet! I have nearly everything and I have crossed off some things I doubt I will need/use. I am sure that will help our pockets a bit since prepping can get really expensive! I am hoping to get to use coupons/rebates on the rest of the items on our list. Maybe I will be in less pain on Sunday and can get some shopping done!

That’s it for today’s post since I don’t have much else to talk about besides my cat loves to lay on the keyboard every time I go to blog. I think you guys make her jelly : )

Aren’t you jealous of my amazingly exciting life?! Yea ok I doubt it but I had to ask!

My Endo Journey begins: 45 days out til surgery!

Today is now June 27, 2013 which marks 45 days until surgery. So much took place yesterday mostly all emotional! I had a lot of pain & a few more things to purchase off of my Pre/Post Op Surgery list. I ended up getting some free Anti Gas pills from Walgreens so that has been checked off as well!

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!! The good news is that my surgery & all procedures are now 100% covered! I am having a TOP surgeon at a TOP hospital perform surgery at no cost. I am so freaking excited and so grateful I could cry. Heck I almost did when I opened the letter from the Financial assistance department last night!

The fact that I would never otherwise be able to afford this is a blessing on its own. But this surgery could mean that I may never have another Endo episode in my life time. This surgery could be my freedom to be able to leave my house & not have to be bed ridden for days at a time. This can also mean that I can go back to work & do what I love again! It can mean that the financial & emotional stress in my life can be lessened! It could mean that my partner & I can go on dates again…you have no idea how much I miss dancing! : )

But also yesterday was really rough for me & my body. I woke up about 10 am and made breakfast for Christina(my partner) and I. Immediately after eating and taking my estrogen pill I got the WORST sharp stabbing pains in my left side. Kinda like someone was trying to pull out my ovary. Yes I know that sounds so lovely right?! But that is the best way I can describe it. I tried using my best friend….Mr. Heating Pad but no relief. I tried walking around and doing deep breaths…no relief. Finally after 43 days of no pain killers I had to take 2 Tylenol #3 to get the pain to stop. Even then the pain was only lessened and turned to a deep ache instead.

I am starting to think the estrogen pills to stop the Depo Provera bleeding has now increased my Endo & let it spread. I am sure they are in there having a ball & throwing parties now that they have a new supply of estrogen to eat & grow off of. I have about 8 more pills to take and I am hoping the increased pain subsides a bit but I would love if it stopped all together too!  I am doing much better today but I have not taken my estrogen yet so I am not sure what the day will end up being like.

I am counting the seconds until my surgery & the hopes that this will no longer be my life!

Anyone else experience increased pain on estrogen- Estradiol 1 mg? Did the pain decrease/stop after your last pill? I would love to hear your feed back!

My Endo Journey begins: 46 days out til surgery!

So today June 26, 2013 marks 46 days until my Laparoscopy surgery for Endometriosis! I am not counting the day of surgery as a day hoping that the surgery flies by.

Today I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe it’s all the money I had to spend Monday to prep for surgery. Christina(my partner) and I went to Target, Walgreens, Publix & Ross. I ended up with a new robe, 3 pajama pants & 3 pajama shirts for the hospital stay & for home recovery. I got them all in a small/medium instead of my usual x small/small so that my excisions would not be rubbed against. We got 2 pairs of long warm sucks in case the hospital is a bit cold. I already have slippers and loose panties from a previous lung surgery so I will be taking those.

We picked up fiber supplements for after surgery to prevent constipation from the loads of heavy narcotics I will be on. We also picked up anti-diarrheal….just in case my body decided to go in reverse LOL. Of course we also have to get anti-gas, anti-acids and anti-nausea meds for home recovery. But that’s for a later shopping trip. We picked up hemorrhoid cream/wipes for the bowel prep. Yes it will be as awful as it sounds! I will later pick up some fragrance free baby wipes for the bowel prep as well. I decided to pick up some allergy pills just in case I have a bad reaction to something once I am home.

We purchased menstrual pads in case of any after surgery bleeding as well as pantyliners for any spotting/discharge. We got some Dial antibacterial body wash & bar soap for use before and after surgery. I am also planning to have Christina to use the antibacterial hand soap we picked up for when she changes my bandages. I got a small first aid kit just in case Christina or I need it in the car or something. She has a big tendency to hurt her self at work…like daily LOL.

We picked up a small 3 pack of plastic bottles to put lotion, mouthwash and face moisturizer in. I got a 3 pack of pre-moistened facial wipes to cleanse my face after surgery. I also picked up a pack of toothbrushes for Christina & I to use at the hospital if I stay. We decided to get a small pack of wet ones for small clean ups if need be.

Granted we got most of this stuff on sale/clearance however it adds up and we spent way more than we had to spend! Christina of course made me feel better about it by making me realize I need these things. She wants to make sure I will be as prepared and comfortable as possible which is so sweet. She is so right…I need these things so I have no choice but to put out the cash and to suck it up!

I still have the bowel prep supplies on my list which is just MiraLAX, Dulcolax laxative tablets and fleet enemas. Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for a sore bum?! Well I am hoping the Desitin cream I will pick up & the baby wipes with help that hahaha! I still want to get new sheets…dark ones in case my incisions bleed. And a bed rest pillow or maybe a body pillow instead!

So not that many things left on our list of pre/post surgery supplies! I am excited to be completely done with this surgery shopping list of mine! ❤

What’s on your must have list for surgery/recovery?

My Endo Journey begins: Surgery scheduled for August 12th 2013

Update: I had my first surgery consult on June 6th at 3pm with Dr. Sinervo at The Center For Endometriosis Care. Many patients call it The CEC. 

I was extremely nervous on the way to my appointment. In between crazy thoughts of possibly losing a ovary during surgery or not being able to afford it at all. I was also in so much pain. My left side of my pelvis felt as if it wanted to jump out and run. Strong cramping and sharp shooting pains. The awesome part is that I had to walk…yes walk 15 mins from the Marta station to get there. Once I reached my appointment I met the awesome women at the front desk. Got my paper work started and took a seat. About 45 minutes later I was being called back to see Dr. Sinervo. My heart began to pound as if it wanted to come out of my chest. But my nervousness was all for nothing. He was so sweet and so concerned about my health. Which was so refreshing next to the usual docs that just questions your pain tolerance.

We went over my pains, symptoms and medications as well as my concerns. He answered all of my questions…well I only had one. But I am sure if I had more he would have easily answered them all. After we were done talking he recommended that we schedule surgery soon. He wants to do a Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Chromotubation and a possible bowel resection. He strongly believes all of my bowel pains are from Endo on or in my bowels. I was completely calm until the words “bowel resection” came up. I just can not imagine waking up from surgery and being told my bowels had to be re-sectioned. I mean what could that mean for my every day life? But quickly I realized that I was in great hands. And that Dr. Sinervo would make sure I had the best bowel surgeon on hand to handle it if need be.

Shortly after that conversation I got my ultrasound. I found out that my left side has scarred ligaments and that could very well be why I have constant left side pains. He thinks I may have lots of Endo on the ligaments to my ovary as well as my uterus. Glad to know that my uterus and my ovaries look nice and healthy otherwise. My uterus is retroverted but he thinks that it may right itself over time so I am not too concerned. I am extremely relieved to now have a  reason as to why I am always in so  much pain in one area. I am hoping he can remove the scar tissue and Endo and it not return.

I was also relieved that my Chromotubation would be done while I would be under GA-general anesthesia. I have heard horror stories of that procedure feeling like your hoohah was on fire. I think I can live without that memory LOL. Also having the Hysteroscopy while under means I wouldn’t need two surgeries. All in all I am so excited to be having surgery and on my way to a possibly normal life without Endo running it. I am so grateful for everyone at The CEC and for the possibility to afford this procedure. They have been incredibly generous to me and I will never forget it.

Anyone ever have any of these procedures done? How are you now that you have recovered? Feel free to comment below if you have any questions as well.



This Endo Girl! ❤

The hatred I have for Depo Provera also known as “The Shot”…..

On April 29th I got my 1st( and now ONLY) shot of Depo Provera. My doc assured me that it would work well for me. Convincing me through saying things like “You won’t a period for 3 months”, “My patients get no crazy side affects” oh and the one that sold me is “All my patients report no pain for the entire time or little at all”. THAT was the nail that sealed the deal for me! No pain for someone that has suffered from chronic pain nearly every days for 13 years. At that point I was eager for my first shot.

Shortly after the head nurse of pulling out her siring and the vial of milky Depo Provera. She asked if I wanted it in the arm or buttocks…I opted for the arm. I remember it burning a bit but mostly just making my arm feel heavy. About 2 hours later and I was home from the OBGYN. My arm was so sore that it felt as if I had been constantly doing push ups but with just one arm. Or as if someone had punched me with an iron fist. I was willing to endure that in hopes to be that one patient that has no issues on Depo and had zero pains.

As soon as the day after my shot I remember being extremely “excited” and badgering my partner for adult time LOL. She wasn’t used to that because usually I am too worried about the pain or my fatigue. Then maybe the 3rd day on the shot my libido dropped completely. I lost all urge to want any contact from my partner. I was extremely moody-snapping and yelling for the smallest things. This lasted maybe 2 weeks.

Then that awful side effect that all Depo users dreaded started…..The Spotting! It was May 16 exactly 18 days after getting my Depo Shot that my spotting came. I had just gotten a trans vaginal ultrasound so I thought that maybe the spotting was just a follow up to that. But then it got heavier and heavier over the next few days. After one week of spotting that turned into full out bleeding I’d had enough. I called my OB and asked to speak to a nurse or my doctor. I got absolutely nothing for nearly 3 weeks.

Finally on Friday June 7th…3 weeks after calling nearly 5 times a day someone answered. The nurse took down all my info and told me that the doc would get back to me shortly. Well shortly ended up being Monday June 10th which was my already scheduled 6 week follow up appointment. On that day I went in for my appointment. I finally spoke to my doc that informed me that she had no idea that I was attempting to reach her. I have no idea if this is true or not. But she gave me a prescription for Estadiol(Estrogen) 1 mg for 21 days.

Yes I was happy to have my perscription and to know that soon the bleeding would stop. However on the day of my appointment I had been bleeding for 23 days. I didn’t get to fill my prescription until Wed the 12th so a total of 25 days by then. I took my first pill on Wed and my 4th today and y bleeding has stopped…yay!!!

I was scheduled to come back for a 2nd shot but THAT will NOT be happening! Please do your research on Depo Provera ladies and hope for the best!


This Endo Girl