April 29, 2013: Resident OBGYN Appointment & Depo Provera Shot

On April 29th I finally got to see the resident OBGYN I was referred to on the 15th. I meet with my new OBGYN and we discussed my pains, medications and any questions I had. She asked if I wanted to give Lupron a shot and I immediately refused. She seemed happy since we would have to wait until my diagnostic laparoscopy confirmed I indeed had Endo to be approved. I didn’t want to do the laparoscopy either since her boss would perform it. She informed me that her boss would use ablation(burning) and not excision(cutting) to remove the Endo. I was really concerned with the possibility of that surgery only lasting a few weeks before the Endo returned. I was also skeptical when she told me that they would not remove bowel or bladder Endo. I am fairly sure I have both locations with Endo near on or them so someone that could remove that would be best.

Instead of surgery she strongly recommended Depo Prover-the shot. She told me of only a hand full of her patients that had bad reactions to it. So of course I was willing to try it if it meant 3 months or more with no pain. Also not having to remember to take a pill everyday was great too. Especially since I already take so many pills a day. Plus its one of the only Estrogen free birth control options. And anyone with Endo knows that Endo plus Estrogen equals BAD news!

After my pelvic exam and our chat she scheduled me for a trans vaginal ultra sound as well as an pelvic ultra sound. Only issue was that she scheduled it for May 12th. At that point I was in constant pain and I wanted to know why right away. I was a bit annoyed that I had to wait so long but it was better than no ultra sounds at all. I quickly got past it and moved on. Then I ended up needing a CT scan of my belly for my Primary care provider so I moved my ultra sounds over to the 16th with the CT so I had to wait a bit longer.

Right before I left my appointment I got my first shot of Depo Provera from the nurse. My options were either in the butt or in the arm. Hesitantly I took the arm. Since I had to take the train and bus back home I didn’t want a sore bum too. The nurse gave me my injection and informed me that it takes affect and prevents pregnancy within 24 hours. I thought to myself….great except my partner doesn’t have sperm LOL. Right away my arm felt sore and the rest of the day it felt as if I had been bench pressing body builders :(.

I seriously loved that shot for the 1st 18 days until disaster set in. : (


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