May 16, 2013: CT scan, Pelvic & Trans-vaginal Ultrasounds

On the morning of my Ultra sounds and CT scan I remember feeling like complete crap. Headache back pain and cramping galore. Nothing like a Endo episode I was used to but still no fun. I wasn’t sure if it was because of my birth control or that my Endo was still active. I got dressed in the first comfortable think I would get my bloated body into and left for the hospital.

First up was my CT scan. When I got to the cancer unit my mom had already began to freak out a bit. She looked at me and asked “is there anything you need to tell me”. She was referring to why the need for me to have a CT on the cancer unit floor. I assured her it was only because my doctor thought that colon cancer could be the culprit for all my bowel issues. This of course was the reasoning of my Primary care doctor and not my OBGYN. Even though he seemed to know more about Endo than my actual OB did.

About 20 mins after checking in the radiologist came to get me. He sat me in the waiting area for the CT scan. Handed me a huge pitcher of neon yellow liquid and told me to drink it. I remember it tasted like Gatorade and vomit. Completely disgusting but the solution was necessary for the CT. It had to coat all the way down to my colon and rectum. At that point I was nauseous and starving since I couldn’t eat.

A few mins passed and I got it all down. IV in arm and I was ready for my CT scan. It took the tech about 15 mins to do the entire scan. But I remember the contrast going into my arm through the IV and burning like no other. She was nice and massaged it all in to help. Then I was done and off to my Ultra sounds downstairs for my OBGYN.

When I got to the ultrasound waiting room it was already packed. My first appointment was for 11:00 am but I didn’t get called back until 11:30 for my thyroid ultrasound. My primary care doc requested that one as well for my thyroid nodule. It was super quick..not even 10 mins. Back in the waiting room I went. For the next ultrasound I had to drink 6 cups of water to displace my bladder so my uterus could easily be seen. Well that’s when my day got sucky.

By then I was starving, freezing because the water was ice cold and the AC was blasting. Also my bladder felt as if it was going to explode on top of them calling me back 1 hour after holding my bladder. The entire time I was having to let out small amounts of urine and then drink small amounts of water again in case they called me back. It was torture. I have never wanted to urinate so bad in my entire life. It felt as if razor blades were popping out of my bladder. Or trying at least. Finally they call my name. She told me I could release a small amount before my pelvic ultrasound but not too  much or I would have to drink more. No ma’am I was ready to get this over with so I held it all.

She lays me on the table and started the ultrasound. Mind you I had a FULL bladder and she was pressing extremely hard. She was just moving that dang instrument from side to side like she was playing table hockey or something. I was trying my best not to pee LOL. A few minutes later I was so excited to hear “you can go pee now”. It was like angels voices to my ears. It literally took me 7 mins to get all of the water out of my bladder. She made me sit on the toilet for 8 mins even though I was already done at 7. Something about all the fluid needing to be out for the trans vaginal part to be accurate.

Back on the table I was. She inserted the wand and began the trans vaginal ultrasound. No real discomfort this time except the cold jelly. Shortly after starting she found my right ovary. She said it was the prettiest ovary she had ever seen and it was there for everyone to see. Then she found the left ovary…equally pretty but not as friendly- it was hiding laying or glued on/to my uterus. Then she informed me that I had a retroverted uterus. That means it sits towards my back. She could not see the cervix from the trans vaginal view or my fundus(top of uterus). She also could not see my cul-de-sac.  She told me that all these things were normal but just not as common as women with anterverted or mid-line uterus positions.

She also mentioned that during the topical pelvic exam my cervix and cul-de-sac were visible. She same some free fluid from in th cul-de-sac as well. She told me my OB would go over that with me once the results were back. Finally I was done and on my way home. I was excited to know more about my anatomy and to learn that I had normal anatomy that she called “beautiful”. But saddened that my anatomy was so beautiful but caused me so much pain. Isn’t that such a oxymoron. That’s life with Endo!



This Endo Girl


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