My Endo Journey begins: 46 days out til surgery!

So today June 26, 2013 marks 46 days until my Laparoscopy surgery for Endometriosis! I am not counting the day of surgery as a day hoping that the surgery flies by.

Today I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe it’s all the money I had to spend Monday to prep for surgery. Christina(my partner) and I went to Target, Walgreens, Publix & Ross. I ended up with a new robe, 3 pajama pants & 3 pajama shirts for the hospital stay & for home recovery. I got them all in a small/medium instead of my usual x small/small so that my excisions would not be rubbed against. We got 2 pairs of long warm sucks in case the hospital is a bit cold. I already have slippers and loose panties from a previous lung surgery so I will be taking those.

We picked up fiber supplements for after surgery to prevent constipation from the loads of heavy narcotics I will be on. We also picked up anti-diarrheal….just in case my body decided to go in reverse LOL. Of course we also have to get anti-gas, anti-acids and anti-nausea meds for home recovery. But that’s for a later shopping trip. We picked up hemorrhoid cream/wipes for the bowel prep. Yes it will be as awful as it sounds! I will later pick up some fragrance free baby wipes for the bowel prep as well. I decided to pick up some allergy pills just in case I have a bad reaction to something once I am home.

We purchased menstrual pads in case of any after surgery bleeding as well as pantyliners for any spotting/discharge. We got some Dial antibacterial body wash & bar soap for use before and after surgery. I am also planning to have Christina to use the antibacterial hand soap we picked up for when she changes my bandages. I got a small first aid kit just in case Christina or I need it in the car or something. She has a big tendency to hurt her self at work…like daily LOL.

We picked up a small 3 pack of plastic bottles to put lotion, mouthwash and face moisturizer in. I got a 3 pack of pre-moistened facial wipes to cleanse my face after surgery. I also picked up a pack of toothbrushes for Christina & I to use at the hospital if I stay. We decided to get a small pack of wet ones for small clean ups if need be.

Granted we got most of this stuff on sale/clearance however it adds up and we spent way more than we had to spend! Christina of course made me feel better about it by making me realize I need these things. She wants to make sure I will be as prepared and comfortable as possible which is so sweet. She is so right…I need these things so I have no choice but to put out the cash and to suck it up!

I still have the bowel prep supplies on my list which is just MiraLAX, Dulcolax laxative tablets and fleet enemas. Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for a sore bum?! Well I am hoping the Desitin cream I will pick up & the baby wipes with help that hahaha! I still want to get new sheets…dark ones in case my incisions bleed. And a bed rest pillow or maybe a body pillow instead!

So not that many things left on our list of pre/post surgery supplies! I am excited to be completely done with this surgery shopping list of mine! ❤

What’s on your must have list for surgery/recovery?


4 thoughts on “My Endo Journey begins: 46 days out til surgery!

  1. Oh wow. After reading I don’t feel prepared at all and my surgery is tomorrow morning. I don’t even have anyone to help me after surgery. Good luck with your surgery.

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