My Endo Journey begins: 45 days out til surgery!

Today is now June 27, 2013 which marks 45 days until surgery. So much took place yesterday mostly all emotional! I had a lot of pain & a few more things to purchase off of my Pre/Post Op Surgery list. I ended up getting some free Anti Gas pills from Walgreens so that has been checked off as well!

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!! The good news is that my surgery & all procedures are now 100% covered! I am having a TOP surgeon at a TOP hospital perform surgery at no cost. I am so freaking excited and so grateful I could cry. Heck I almost did when I opened the letter from the Financial assistance department last night!

The fact that I would never otherwise be able to afford this is a blessing on its own. But this surgery could mean that I may never have another Endo episode in my life time. This surgery could be my freedom to be able to leave my house & not have to be bed ridden for days at a time. This can also mean that I can go back to work & do what I love again! It can mean that the financial & emotional stress in my life can be lessened! It could mean that my partner & I can go on dates again…you have no idea how much I miss dancing! : )

But also yesterday was really rough for me & my body. I woke up about 10 am and made breakfast for Christina(my partner) and I. Immediately after eating and taking my estrogen pill I got the WORST sharp stabbing pains in my left side. Kinda like someone was trying to pull out my ovary. Yes I know that sounds so lovely right?! But that is the best way I can describe it. I tried using my best friend….Mr. Heating Pad but no relief. I tried walking around and doing deep breaths…no relief. Finally after 43 days of no pain killers I had to take 2 Tylenol #3 to get the pain to stop. Even then the pain was only lessened and turned to a deep ache instead.

I am starting to think the estrogen pills to stop the Depo Provera bleeding has now increased my Endo & let it spread. I am sure they are in there having a ball & throwing parties now that they have a new supply of estrogen to eat & grow off of. I have about 8 more pills to take and I am hoping the increased pain subsides a bit but I would love if it stopped all together too!  I am doing much better today but I have not taken my estrogen yet so I am not sure what the day will end up being like.

I am counting the seconds until my surgery & the hopes that this will no longer be my life!

Anyone else experience increased pain on estrogen- Estradiol 1 mg? Did the pain decrease/stop after your last pill? I would love to hear your feed back!


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