My Endo Journey begins: 7 days out til surgery!

Today marks 5 days until my life changing laparoscopy surgery with The CEC! I didn’t even realize it until today that I had forgotten all about blogging for my 2 week Pre Op mark. I may end up doing a “make up” blog so that later on I can see where my head was at that time.

Today I can tell you that I am so excited and so ready for this surgery to come! I am so grateful that in just 7 short days I will get real answers as to why I am always in so much pain. Since I will be having a Chromotubation(Like a HSG) I admit that I am completely terrified that I may have fertility issues from never being treated in the past 13 years. But I am willing to attack them head on and fight for my right to be a mother! I am not claiming those thought but I also don;t want to ignore the possibility.

Another thing that has me completely nervous is the fact that I woke this morning with an awful head cold! Sneezing, sore throat, swollen lymph node and all! I immediately increased my Vitamin C from 3,000mg daily to 4,000mg daily. I started drinking loads of water, tea and ginger ale. I am hoping that this will help my system to knock it out a bit quicker. Normally my colds only last 3-5 so I am praying it is gone before Sunday night! I have been waiting for this surgery for 13 years…67 days of which it was ACTUALLY scheduled : ). I would be heartbroken if it were canceled and postponed!

I have also had what I think to be the start of my first cycle in 3 months come on Saturday. I woke up with my usual Endo period symptoms…nausea, diarrhea, cramping, heavy bleeding and back pains. I had some clotting as well which I haven’t really had much of when I was on the Depo Provera shot which officially left my system on/around June 29th. Of course I couldn’t take any pain or nausea meds because my surgery is so close and I cant have blood thinners. I ended up mixing a red rock ginger ale with a Seagram’s ginger ale which helped tremendously with my nausea. I took some Tylenol for the pain which did diddly squat for my pain. I got out my amazing 13 years old trusty heating pad which helped a lot.

I am hoping this is a sign that my body is ridding me of the awful drug that is Depo Provera and bringing back my cycles. I am not excited about the pain but I am excited to not be irregular or bleeding for 23-30 days at a time. I am just so ready for the possibility that my pain will no longer exist soon after surgery. I know that excision isn’t a guarantee but for me I am hopeful! I can no longer sit around a watch my life and all my potential to be happy pass by me! Soon on August 12th, 2013 I will have the chance to get my life back!

I am feeling amazing!!!


My Endo Journey begins: 37 days out til surgery!

Today July 5, 2013 marks 37 days out! I am still relaxed and at ease about surgery. I am just sitting back and waiting now. I have been getting my room organized and in order. My cat sheds like no other so I dust a few times a day…guess it gives me something to do ehh?!

I took my last of 21 Estrogen pills today and of course the break through bleeding started. I figured that it would once the Depo Provera Progestin was able to take over again. I am not upset because at least now those horrible Estrogen induced cramps will stop. I have also been getting loads of pain in what feels like my ovaries so I am hoping that goes away as well.

I contacted my surgeon to ask if I didn’t restart the Estrogen would it interfere with my surgery. Thankfully I got a reply that it would not interfere and that the bleeding is fine. I am so relieved to hear that. I just want my cycles to return to normal and all of these synthetic hormones out of me!

As of July 29th I will be OFFICIALLY DONE with Depo Provera! I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that..well type it! I have been drinking loads of water and detox tea to help my liver filter it all out a bit faster. I have no idea if it works or not but hey I tried!

Anyone have an tips to offer me?

The hatred I have for Depo Provera also known as “The Shot”…..

On April 29th I got my 1st( and now ONLY) shot of Depo Provera. My doc assured me that it would work well for me. Convincing me through saying things like “You won’t a period for 3 months”, “My patients get no crazy side affects” oh and the one that sold me is “All my patients report no pain for the entire time or little at all”. THAT was the nail that sealed the deal for me! No pain for someone that has suffered from chronic pain nearly every days for 13 years. At that point I was eager for my first shot.

Shortly after the head nurse of pulling out her siring and the vial of milky Depo Provera. She asked if I wanted it in the arm or buttocks…I opted for the arm. I remember it burning a bit but mostly just making my arm feel heavy. About 2 hours later and I was home from the OBGYN. My arm was so sore that it felt as if I had been constantly doing push ups but with just one arm. Or as if someone had punched me with an iron fist. I was willing to endure that in hopes to be that one patient that has no issues on Depo and had zero pains.

As soon as the day after my shot I remember being extremely “excited” and badgering my partner for adult time LOL. She wasn’t used to that because usually I am too worried about the pain or my fatigue. Then maybe the 3rd day on the shot my libido dropped completely. I lost all urge to want any contact from my partner. I was extremely moody-snapping and yelling for the smallest things. This lasted maybe 2 weeks.

Then that awful side effect that all Depo users dreaded started…..The Spotting! It was May 16 exactly 18 days after getting my Depo Shot that my spotting came. I had just gotten a trans vaginal ultrasound so I thought that maybe the spotting was just a follow up to that. But then it got heavier and heavier over the next few days. After one week of spotting that turned into full out bleeding I’d had enough. I called my OB and asked to speak to a nurse or my doctor. I got absolutely nothing for nearly 3 weeks.

Finally on Friday June 7th…3 weeks after calling nearly 5 times a day someone answered. The nurse took down all my info and told me that the doc would get back to me shortly. Well shortly ended up being Monday June 10th which was my already scheduled 6 week follow up appointment. On that day I went in for my appointment. I finally spoke to my doc that informed me that she had no idea that I was attempting to reach her. I have no idea if this is true or not. But she gave me a prescription for Estadiol(Estrogen) 1 mg for 21 days.

Yes I was happy to have my perscription and to know that soon the bleeding would stop. However on the day of my appointment I had been bleeding for 23 days. I didn’t get to fill my prescription until Wed the 12th so a total of 25 days by then. I took my first pill on Wed and my 4th today and y bleeding has stopped…yay!!!

I was scheduled to come back for a 2nd shot but THAT will NOT be happening! Please do your research on Depo Provera ladies and hope for the best!


This Endo Girl


April 29, 2013: Resident OBGYN Appointment & Depo Provera Shot

On April 29th I finally got to see the resident OBGYN I was referred to on the 15th. I meet with my new OBGYN and we discussed my pains, medications and any questions I had. She asked if I wanted to give Lupron a shot and I immediately refused. She seemed happy since we would have to wait until my diagnostic laparoscopy confirmed I indeed had Endo to be approved. I didn’t want to do the laparoscopy either since her boss would perform it. She informed me that her boss would use ablation(burning) and not excision(cutting) to remove the Endo. I was really concerned with the possibility of that surgery only lasting a few weeks before the Endo returned. I was also skeptical when she told me that they would not remove bowel or bladder Endo. I am fairly sure I have both locations with Endo near on or them so someone that could remove that would be best.

Instead of surgery she strongly recommended Depo Prover-the shot. She told me of only a hand full of her patients that had bad reactions to it. So of course I was willing to try it if it meant 3 months or more with no pain. Also not having to remember to take a pill everyday was great too. Especially since I already take so many pills a day. Plus its one of the only Estrogen free birth control options. And anyone with Endo knows that Endo plus Estrogen equals BAD news!

After my pelvic exam and our chat she scheduled me for a trans vaginal ultra sound as well as an pelvic ultra sound. Only issue was that she scheduled it for May 12th. At that point I was in constant pain and I wanted to know why right away. I was a bit annoyed that I had to wait so long but it was better than no ultra sounds at all. I quickly got past it and moved on. Then I ended up needing a CT scan of my belly for my Primary care provider so I moved my ultra sounds over to the 16th with the CT so I had to wait a bit longer.

Right before I left my appointment I got my first shot of Depo Provera from the nurse. My options were either in the butt or in the arm. Hesitantly I took the arm. Since I had to take the train and bus back home I didn’t want a sore bum too. The nurse gave me my injection and informed me that it takes affect and prevents pregnancy within 24 hours. I thought to myself….great except my partner doesn’t have sperm LOL. Right away my arm felt sore and the rest of the day it felt as if I had been bench pressing body builders :(.

I seriously loved that shot for the 1st 18 days until disaster set in. : (