My Endo Journey begins: 44 days out til surgery!

So today June 28th I am now 44 days out!!! I am so happy to see that the days are passing by faster than I had realized! I am nervous still but I am getting more anxious to get this done and improve my overall quality of life!

I am sitting here bored as heck while Christina is at work! Of course I am in loads of pain from the Estrogen pill I just took 10 mins prior to deciding to blog today! My head has been hurting lately along with these random knee pains. They kinda feel like deep aching pains like someone is hitting my knees with hammers. I started taking blood thinners just in case is blood clotting from the estrogen pills. I do not want to chance getting blood clots prior too surgery!

I have absolutely nada planned today except for catching up on some TV shows that I have missed. I am thinking of getting the rest of my Pre/Post surgery supply items this weekend but I am not sure yet! I have nearly everything and I have crossed off some things I doubt I will need/use. I am sure that will help our pockets a bit since prepping can get really expensive! I am hoping to get to use coupons/rebates on the rest of the items on our list. Maybe I will be in less pain on Sunday and can get some shopping done!

That’s it for today’s post since I don’t have much else to talk about besides my cat loves to lay on the keyboard every time I go to blog. I think you guys make her jelly : )

Aren’t you jealous of my amazingly exciting life?! Yea ok I doubt it but I had to ask!


My Endo Journey begins: 45 days out til surgery!

Today is now June 27, 2013 which marks 45 days until surgery. So much took place yesterday mostly all emotional! I had a lot of pain & a few more things to purchase off of my Pre/Post Op Surgery list. I ended up getting some free Anti Gas pills from Walgreens so that has been checked off as well!

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!! The good news is that my surgery & all procedures are now 100% covered! I am having a TOP surgeon at a TOP hospital perform surgery at no cost. I am so freaking excited and so grateful I could cry. Heck I almost did when I opened the letter from the Financial assistance department last night!

The fact that I would never otherwise be able to afford this is a blessing on its own. But this surgery could mean that I may never have another Endo episode in my life time. This surgery could be my freedom to be able to leave my house & not have to be bed ridden for days at a time. This can also mean that I can go back to work & do what I love again! It can mean that the financial & emotional stress in my life can be lessened! It could mean that my partner & I can go on dates again…you have no idea how much I miss dancing! : )

But also yesterday was really rough for me & my body. I woke up about 10 am and made breakfast for Christina(my partner) and I. Immediately after eating and taking my estrogen pill I got the WORST sharp stabbing pains in my left side. Kinda like someone was trying to pull out my ovary. Yes I know that sounds so lovely right?! But that is the best way I can describe it. I tried using my best friend….Mr. Heating Pad but no relief. I tried walking around and doing deep breaths…no relief. Finally after 43 days of no pain killers I had to take 2 Tylenol #3 to get the pain to stop. Even then the pain was only lessened and turned to a deep ache instead.

I am starting to think the estrogen pills to stop the Depo Provera bleeding has now increased my Endo & let it spread. I am sure they are in there having a ball & throwing parties now that they have a new supply of estrogen to eat & grow off of. I have about 8 more pills to take and I am hoping the increased pain subsides a bit but I would love if it stopped all together too!  I am doing much better today but I have not taken my estrogen yet so I am not sure what the day will end up being like.

I am counting the seconds until my surgery & the hopes that this will no longer be my life!

Anyone else experience increased pain on estrogen- Estradiol 1 mg? Did the pain decrease/stop after your last pill? I would love to hear your feed back!